Conference Tables, etc

Racetrack Conference table
Mendocino 12′ Racetrack Table; brand new
conference table & chairs
Steelcase Think chairs around a 12′ Mendocino racetrack conference table

Are you looking for a conference table? See that one? We had to unpack it to set it up, because it’s brand-spanking new. Half-cylinder base; mahogany veneer with a nice racing stripe around the perimeter. That’s probably why they call it a ‘race-track’. This is a bee-you-tah-full table. List price is over $4500, and our competition sells it at a pretty deep discount: $2600.00

Pretty good price, huh? Well, we beat that by a bunch. This table can be yours for $1999.00. Out the door. How great is that?

But if that’s more conference table than you want, we have others:

Conference Table
New, 95″ laminate conference table in Gray
95" conference table in gray
Gray laminate conference table; available in Brown

This table… and we also have it in a brown laminate… is also brand new and never used except as this display. List price on this over $700. We’ll get it to you for $249.00!

And don’t forget those Steelcase Think chairs: you’ll never sit in an office chair that’s more comfortable. The chairs as you see them are available for $190 each. Here’s the list price, right off the Steelcase website:

Think chair
List price Think chair

Or you could grab one of the Leap chairs. For some reason, we’ve priced them even lower: $140 each. Here’s their list prices… again, right off the website (probably going to get me in trouble for doing this…)

And, of course we have bookcases. Really nice bookcases. Check this out and call today to reserve yours:

Mahogany bookcase
Brand spanking new and beautiful

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