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Something We Just Couldn’t Resist

Some of you will recognize these things immediately; the rest of you may be scratching your heads for a few seconds. But you’ll figure it out pretty quickly: these are gigantic coolers. We got them from a food distributor that decided to go out of business. Interesting story, and if you buy one or more of these things we might even tell it.

Bonar Boxes
Gigantic Coolers

These things are often used by commercial fishermen as well as food distributors… we can’t think of anyone else that might have need for something this big. But what a party you’d be able to cater, huh?

Anyway, we’ve got a few of these things and they can be had for what we call “short money”.

Gigantic coolers
How much beer will these hold?

These are called ‘Bonar Boxes’, and unfortunate name if we’ve ever heard one. Not making it up, either; someone actually thought that was a good name…

They look like hell, but there’s still plenty of life left in them. Short money…