Ace Furniture Liquidators

Premium Used Office Furniture at Discounted Prices

Located in our warehouse at 20 Strafello Drive in the Avon Industrial Park, we offer the highest quality used office furniture available in the Boston area at the lowest possible prices!

Let us know what you need, whether 1 desk or 20, 1 chair or 40; we can get them to you!

We JUST brought in over 100 high end office chairs: Steelcase ‘Think‘ and ‘Leap’ chairs at unbelievable prices! Go ahead; Google them up and see how much they cost new! The chairs have all sorts of adjustments that you can make on them to really-really-really personalize your comfort.

These chairs are so comfortable that you may find yourself dozing off… just kidding; you’ll be so comfortable you’ll get your work done in half the time. Maybe. Guess it depends on you, but at least you’ll be more comfortable than you ever thought possible! We watch people sit down in them and the look that comes over them is almost amusing. You gotta come in and try them out.


Steelcase Think
Steelcase ‘Think’ chair. VERY comfortable!
5 Drawer Lateral File
Locking File Cabinet, also available in black
Desk with Return
66″ x 30″ with 24″ x 48″ return

Here’s an item every lateral file needs. Or tabletop. Or desktop. I happen to use one of these in the deep drawer of my desk. Makes finding files a snap. And we have hundreds ready to go out the door at prices you won’t believe!

File organizer
Multi-slot file organizer
Racetrack Conference table
10′ Racetrack Table; brand new: Mendocino
desk with credenza
desk and credenza
conference table & chairs
Steelcase Think chairs around a 10′ Mendocino racetrack conference table





We advertise for used office furniture, but every so often we come across opportunities for new, unused furniture that we can’t pass up. For example, that 10′ conference table is brand spanking new and has a list price of over $4500. We’re selling it for $1999.00. Seriously; we can do that. Check our other pages to see if we’ve come up with any other interesting non-office items; you never know what our buyers find out there…

If you’re looking for anything in particular, send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP: